Game Designer

Senior Game Designer


Leading three major features on an unannounced MMORPG at Jagex.

- Designing and setting design direction for AI, Character Progression and Player (3C)

- Delegation and continous coaching and feedback to junior and intermediate members of the design team

- Advisory in collaboration with other disciplines i.e. writing tools and tech requirements

- Leading player rating analysis across all game features with data supplied from Strategy team

Game Designer & Feature Owner


Worked at Capcom as Feature Owner and Game Designer on an unannounced project:

- Stakeholder over a family of features

- Made high level designs intents and presented them for Directors

- Coordinated and lead a cross-disciplinary feature team of 20 people

- Implemented assets according to the design in engine (Unreal 4)


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Game Video Series Producer


Producing a game video series called 'Diamond Duos' where I analyze Smite gameplay and show how to combo character skills together to win. I storyboard before every season and then make graphics, mix sound, do the clipping and make it all come together with the gameplay in a video.


Game Designer


At Nvizzio Creations, I transitioned to pure Game Design during the development of RollerCoaster Tycoon World. Set the new vision and driving the design of the fame progression system. Drove the design while working closely to programmers, designers, level designers, producers, project managers and artists.








Also worked on Rokh, a futuristic survival game set on March. Designed various gameplay elements such as the debuff/buff system.

Game Expert


Starring as the Game Expert in the pre-season pilot and first season of Swedish tech TV show 'MetroTeknik'.

Part of the planning team responsible for my part of it.

Each week, I came up with different topics and new content such as graphics, video clips, interview questions for the game host, phone interviews and more.

Also starred several times as Game Expert at Sweden's largest morning TV show to talk about current game topics.

Game Reviewer


Was Game Reviewer for online game portal Nordic Gamers, testing, analyzing and writing articles and reviews about new game releases.


Game Designer


Technical Designer


Worked at Nvizzio Creations on theme park simulator game RollerCoaster Tycoon World. Set the original AI vision, implemented initial core systems, and then managed it working between Game Design and programmers.


Gameplay Engineer


Gameplay Engineer on various AA-AAA games for several years. Working closely with designers, level designers, artists and animators to make awesome stuff. Always coming with ideas and smart technical solutions to design problems.


Experience from:

- AI

- UI

- Boss Fights (tying together code, scripting, vfx, level design, cinematics, sound effects, animations, AI and UI)

- 3C (Camera, Control, Character animations/movement)

- Core Combat Systems

- Experience/Upgrade Systems

- Dynamic Difficulty

- World-Character interaction

- Achievements

- Tutorials

- Consoles

- PC

- Unity

- Unreal



- Batman Arkham Origins at WB Games Montreal

- DLC A Cold Cold Heart at WB Games Montreal

- Deus Ex Mankind Divided at Eidos Montreal

- Deux Ex Breach at Eidos Montreal

- Various web games at Net Entertainment

- SnowHard (Indie group Really Evil Empire)

Hobby Game Designer & Engineer


Star was my first own game made completely by me. It's a small Sci-Fi bullet hell PC game set in space where you navigate a ship back to Earth through 7 asteroid belts.


I made design, level design, sounds effects, most graphics, code and visual effects.

(C) Marie Mejerwall 2016