eSports Veteran

eSports Veteran



Caster & Commentator


Main Caster for weekly SMITE tournament 'Battle For Valhalla' for online community SMITE Central. Pre-work includes putting together statistics, networking with players, watching scrims, analyzing past games, player interviews and predictions. On-air responsibilities include hosting, commentating play by play, follow-up on analysis, modding chat and interacting with players. Also taking active part in improving the production quality.




Streaming various games meanwhile entertaining viewers on Twitch.

Hosted RollerCoaster Tycoon devstreams for beta weekends.

Managing profile, live chat, stream plugins, camera, lighting and greenscreen.

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Tournament Organizer


I organize SMITE tournaments at Montreal's first eSport bar Meltdown. Designing artwork, printing and decorating the bar, promoting on social media, gathering players, sponsor contacts, hosting, casting, giving out prizes.

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Produced a game series called 'Diamond Duos' where I show off new Smite gameplay.

One-woman-army starring, casting, playing, graphics, sound mixing, presentation etc. Managing social channels such as Youtube and Facebook.

Manager for Female Gaming Community & Counter-Strike Tournament Organizer


I was there when eSport took its first steps, and was part of grassroot movement growing the Counter-Strike scene on IRC, on online communites, Internet cafés and LAN:s. We were leading the initiative on the female gaming side, hosting the largest female gaming community at the time (3000 members). We both has an online ladder and league but also hosted tournaments at LANs.


I was responsible for booth, tournaments and partner relations at multiple DreamHacks (the world’s then largest LAN) for Femina United:


- Recruit and co-lead team

- Planning & budget

- Partner relations

- Putting together competition concepts, rules and brackets

- Set up tournament format, rules, brackets and schedule

- Take care of the teams & translators

- Tournament Head Admin (Counter-Strike)

- Online update news and standings on our portal and social media

- Organize and design the booth, crew t-shirts, flyers, and take care of the logistics

- Coordinate with convention staff and host onstage in front of an audience of thousands


PR Manager


Working as Public Relations Manager for game Lineage of Conquest (later renamed to Dynastica) and their presense at DreamHack.


Responsible for:


- Press contacts, interviews

- Visitor events

- Stage performances

- Marketing content in fliers, homepage and exhibition booth

Game Expert


Starring as the Game Expert in the pre-season pilot and first season of Swedish tech TV show 'MetroTeknik'.

Part of the planning team responsible for my part of it.

Each week, I came up with different topics and new content such as graphics, video clips, interview questions for the game host, phone interviews and more.

Also starred several times as Game Expert at Sweden's largest morning TV show to talk about current game topics.

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