Marie has had a long career both spanning esports, game development and events. For a rundown of how it all interlinks, check out her bio

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As a game dev, Marie has had a lengthy career spanning some of the world's most famous studios and titles, while still being involved in esports on the side.

  • Creative leader with long experience in AAA game development and some mobile
  • 14+ years game dev experience, 6 years in AAA with 5 shipped titles, 1 DLC, and 1 game mode
  • Experience leading both design teams and cross-disciplinary implementation teams
  • Past as gameplay programmer and technical designer
  • Wide experience within gameplay and systems, deep knowledge in AI and 3Cs
  • Bachelor in Computer Science at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Eventually, her game development career brought her to make esports games, and so she went full circle. Today, she works in gamedev as an advisor and hosts workshops - check the Advisory page for more info

Game Director

Owning and driving an unannounced mobile game for META Games

  • Creative visionholder and full product ownership
  • Building and leading an implementation team
  • Strategic planning (budget, roadmap, hiring)
  • Partnerships with external parties helping development
  • Part of studio leadership
  • High level Game Design
  • Communication & design feedback with investors

Associate Game Director

Worked remotely on an unannounced title for Ubisoft Stockholm

  • Owning and supervising the whole 3C & AI division
  • Reviewing division results (development) on a weekly basis and providing feedback and direction
  • Vision holder for 3C & AI gameplay
  • Collaborating with Game Director to set top gameplay vision
  • Collaborating and aligning with peer design vision holders (eg. UX, progression)
  • Planning and setting goals for future initiatives and milestones with Production
  • Collaborating with discipline directors (eg. art, programming) on resource allocation
  • Hiring Manager and supervisor for Lead Designers
  • Mentoring and coaching Lead Designers
  • Administrative tasks such as time reports, expense approval, yearly reviews, salaries etc

Lead Game Designer

Lead Game Designer  on live game competitive multiplayer game The Cycle

  • Head of the Design Department, leading the craft and responsible for all its output
  • Long- and short term planning (e.g. milestones and backlog grooming)
  • Working together with Creative Director, setting and presenting vision
  • Organizing workshops, playtests and other designers learning and development needs
  • Setting internal creative process (workflows, approval processes, pitch jams etc)
  • Hiring manager for design positions
  • Support to the community (i.e. streams, roundtables, coaching tournament organizers)
  • Managing 9 designers ranging from combat to MTX to Narrative to UX
  • Performance reviews and regular coaching and mentoring 
  • Reviewing and ensuring the quality of all designs and feature work
  • Leading by example; hands-on implementation, teaching and mentoring
  • Designs across the board where needed

Senior Game Designer & Product Owner

Leading three major features on an unannounced online multiplayer game at Jagex

- Reporting straight to and keeping Creative Director in the loop

- Feature owner over all 3C (Camera, Controls, Character and movement), Progression and AI

- Leading design and delegating to several other designers

- Continuous coaching and feedback to junior and intermediate members of the design team

- Leading cross-disciplinary feature team with animators, artists and programmers

- Advisory in technical implementation

- Market rating analysis in collaboration with Strategy team

Game Designer & Feature Owner

Worked at Capcom as Game Designer and Feature owner on an unreleased AAA title in the Dead Rising franchise

  • Owned and designed all boss fights
  • Led creative sessions to ideate, include, involve and iterate on designs
  • Made polished high level designs intents and presented them for Directors
  • Coordinated and lead a cross-disciplinary feature team of 20 people
  • Implemented assets according to the design in engine (Unreal 4)
  • Invented some innovative AI features and tools working closely together with tech
  • Driving force in the central AI council putting together level design, tech and game design to make joint decisions, interfaces and guidelines

Game Designer & Technical Designer

Worked at Funcom (later renamed to Nvizzio Creations) on theme park simulator game RollerCoaster Tycoon World - successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Owned everything AI (which is a lot in a simulation game). Set the AI vision architected the full simulation loop, implemented initial core systems such as pathfinding, decision making and the hive mind for staff. Had one programmer to delegate to. 

Transitioned to pure Game Design during the development of RollerCoaster Tycoon World. Set a new vision for progression and drove the design and implementation, working closely to programmers, designers, level designers, producers and artists.

Also worked on Rokh, a futuristic survival game set on planet Mars. Designed various gameplay elements such as the debuff/buff system and hazards that plagued the planet. 

Gameplay Programmer

Worked at Eidos Montréal as Gameplay Programmer on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided DLC and game mode Breach. The mode was about hacking and escaping with data from stealth missions. I worked closely with designers, level designers, artists and animators to make awesome stuff, always coming with ideas and smart technical solutions to design problems.

Main features included:

  • AI systems
  • Experience/Upgrade Systems
  • Weapons


  • Deux Ex Mankind Divided: Breach (game mode)
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided DLC #1

Associate Gameplay Programmer

Worked as associate gameplay programmer on my first AAA: Batman Arkham Origins. C++ and UnrealScript programming. For PC and consoles, using Unreal 3+. Worked widely on almost all areas of the game, including:

  • AI
  • UI
  • 3C (Camera, Control, Character animations/movement)
  • Core Combat Systems
  • Boss Fights (Killer Croc)
  • Side missions
  • Experience/Upgrade Systems
  • Dynamic Difficulty
  • Character interactions with the world
  • Achievements
  • Tutorials


  • Batman Arkham Origins
  • Batman Arkham Origins DLC A Cold Cold Heart

Programming Intern

IBM was researching how to use Virtual Worlds such as Second Life, ActiveWorlds in a business context, inspired by the big MMORPG games at the time (i.e. World of Warcraft). We were working on the OG metaverse. 

* Learnt the tropes of UI & UX methodology by some of the best in the industry

* Designed the UI & UX of a GM (Game Master) control panel used to conduct in-game meetings

* Implementation through programming in Java

Game Expert (TV, Freelance)

I was starring as the Game Expert in the pre-season pilot and first season of Swedish tech TV show 'MetroTeknik'. I was a member of the show's production planning team, responsible for my part of it. Each week, I came up with different topics and new content such as graphics, video clips, interview questions for the game host, phone interviews and more. A couple episodes were about esports.

Also starred several times as Game Expert at Sweden's largest morning TV show TV4 Nyhetsmorgon to talk about current game topics.

Game Reviewer

Was Game Reviewer for online game portal Nordic Gamers, testing, analyzing and writing articles and reviews about new game releases. Also represented them at Dreamhack and held competitions for visitors.


Marie been into games her whole life and esports since its early days (2001), when she registered her first clan on Clanbase. Initially, she spent every minute aside studies on esports, and grew the world's then-biggest community for female gaming.

However, by 2010, it was still impossible for her to find a full-time career in esports, and for the next 10 years, she was a game developer by day and esports vigilante involved in many different initiatives, roles and games at night. Eventually she came to develop and lead my own esports games, as Game Director.

Nowadays she is involved in esports through her Advisory and Hosting services:

- Advices game studios developing esports games

- Advices other esports initiatives looking for strategic direction

- Host for gaming- and esports conferences

Marie is always passionate and open to be involved in more initiatives within esports - get in touch on contact@mejerwall.com if you have something of interest.

    Strategic Advisor

    Advisor for the strategic direction with 10N8E Esports, the premier Esports solution provider in Africa, committed to delivering comprehensive online and offline experiences, through tournaments, immersive offline centers, premium contents and talent management.

    Player Relations

    Managed relations with the community of the esports game for which I was Lead Designer – The Cycle.

    Organized round tables with players

    - Went undercover as tournament participant to learn more about the player experience

    - Visited streams and tournament broadcasts to make players feel seen

    Discussed tournament competitive rulings and came with recommendations

    - Starred as guest in community-run tournaments

    - Starred in official community streams with Q & A

    - Crowned ‘Queen Mejerwall’ by the pro player community

    Tournament Organizer

    Organized tournament ‘SMITE Night’ at Meltdown Montréal esports bar 

    * Pitched concept & sold it to bar owners, was awarded a budget
    * Coordinated with publisher Hi-Rez for prizes and graphics.
    * Decorated bar with posters, portraits (of SMITE characters) and banners
    * Developed customs drinks
    * Social media promotion
    * Trivia
    * Schedule and brackets
    * Hosting & Casting
    * Prize Ceremony and awards
    * Recruited pro player Paindeviande and famous caster Kaelaris as special guests

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    Twitch Affiliate. Streaming various games meanwhile entertaining viewers on Twitch.

    Hosted RollerCoaster Tycoon devstreams for beta weekends. 

    Managing profile, intro videos, graphics, stream software setup, stream plugins, music, camera, lighting and greenscreen, as well as starred and moderated live chat.

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    Produced a game series called 'Diamond Duos' where I show off new Smite gameplay.

    One-woman-army starring, casting, playing, graphics, sound mixing, presentation etc. Managing social channels such as Youtube and Facebook.

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    Coached several SMITE teams – BOT Empire (semi-professional org), Commitment Committee and Sunbreakers. 


    • Scheduled scrims
    • Conducted video reviews
    • Scouted opponents (picks & bans)
    • Set strategies for picks and bans
    • Set gameplan
    • Mentored players

    One of my teams reached top #12 position and was just below the SMITE Pro League; today several of my old players play there.

    Producer, Host, Commentator & Observer

    Broadcasted ESL’s weekly SMITE tournaments, Conquest of the Gods. Produced the tournament broadcast in its entirety, only assisted by tournament admins who got the games started. All on volunteer basis.

    Preparation - Production & design

    • Storyboarding
    • Graphics and animations
    • Segment transitions
    • Streaming software setup
    • Audio setup
    • Camera setup
    • Styling
    • Lighting
    • Social media promotion

    Live - Starring - host, commentator & observer

    • Intro host segments
    • Changing screens
    • Pre-game predictions
    • Coordinating with game admins, getting into the lobbies
    • Observing
    • Casting
    • Post-game analysis
    • Showing standings, brackets
    • Wrapping things up, exit segments
    • Interacting with viewers and invoking engagement

    Esports Host & Caster

    Main Caster for weekly SMITE tournament 'Battle For Valhalla' for online community SMITE Central, broadcasted 2-3 per week on Twitch.

    Work between shows

    • Putting together statistics
    • Networking with players
    • Watching scrims
    • Analyzing past games
    • Player interviews
    • Predictions
    • Discussing show segments and improvements
    • Practise with co-caster


    • Hostess
    • Commentating play by play
    • Follow-up on analysis
    • Moderating chat and interacting with players

    PR Manager

    Working as Public Relations Manager for game Lineage of Conquest (later named Dynastica) and their presence at DreamHack.

    Responsible for:

    • Press contacts, interviews
    • Visitor events
    • Stage performances
    • Marketing content in fliers, homepage and exhibition booth (design, logistics and implementation)

    Manager for Female Gaming Community & Tournament Organizer

    I was there when esport took its first steps, and was part of grassroot movement growing the Counter-Strike scene on IRC, on online communites, Internet cafés and LAN:s. We were leading the initiative on the female esports scene, hosting the largest female gaming community at the time (3000 members). We had an online ladder and league and hosted tournaments at DreamHack, the world's then biggest LAN party (or game festival as people say nowadays)

    Responsible for booth, tournaments at multiple DreamHacks:

    • Recruit and co-lead team, handle logistics
    • Planning & budget
    • Set up tournament format, rules, brackets and schedule
    • Design the booth, crew t-shirts, flyers etc
    • Take care of the teams & translators
    • Tournament Head Admin (Counter-Strike)
    • Host onstage in front of an audience of thousands

    Responsible for partner relations:

    • Putting together competition concepts, product placement on site, booth and stage
    • Negotiate prizes, booth space, stage time and operating cost contribution
    • Reports & thank-you's to partners

    Site administration

    • Articles, coverage, reviews
    • Product placement and ad sponsoring
    • Online update news and standings on our portal and social media


    Having worked with video games in different way, shape and form her whole life, Marie has had the opportunity to both host, star, commentate and speak on countless occasions, both onstage and on camera. She now works half-time (aside her advisory) as a professional host and frequently stars as guest and expert. 

    As a host in 2022, she:

    - Hosted the mainstage of game- and esports conferences x3

    - Hosted awards show x2

    - Moderated panels x8

    - Led fireside chats x2

    As a speaker in 2022, she:

    - Starred as panelist x2
    - Starred in roundtable x1
    - Starred as podcast guest x3

    - Starred as livestream guest x1

    - Hosted workshop x1

    - Spoke at game conferences x4

    - Conducted talks for schools and gaming companies x3

    A summary of her experiences are listed below. You can find more details about them by clicking their respective link. 

    For interest in having Marie speak or host at your event, get in touch on contact@mejerwall.com.



      - Host of LiU Game Conference 2022
      - Moderator at Dubai Esports Festival 2022 (info)
      - Host of PlayCon Malta 2022 (info & photos)

      - Speaker at DevPlay 2022 (video)

      - Speaker at MEGAMIGS 2022 (info)

      - Speaker at Game Dev Coaching Day for NRW.Skilltree (info)

      - Panelist at gamesweekberlin 2022 (info)

      - Host for fireside chat at DevCom 2022 (info&video)

      - Speaker at DevCom 2022 (info&video)

      - Panelist at ESI Breakfast Club during GamesCom 2022

      - Host for main stage and livestream at Nordic Game Conference 2022 (sample video)

      - Host of Nordic Game Awards 2022 gala (info&video)

      - Speaker at Nordic Game Conference 2022 (info&video)

      - Panelist at ESI London 2021 (FEATURED) (info)(video)

      - Speaker at LiU Game Conference, Linköping 2019
      - Panelist at RuneFest, UK, 2018 (info)(video)

      - Panelist at MIGS, Montreal International Game Summit 2017
      - Speaker for KTH University, Stockholm
      - Speaker for Female Legends in their mentorship program

      - Host for onstage competitions at multiple Dreamhack (7000+ people in audience) (info
      - Producer, hostess and caster for esports tournaments at Meltdown Montreal (info

      - Workshop host for college students visiting Jagex



      - Interviewed on DevCom 2022 livestream (FEATURED) (link)

      - Swedish national TV (1m viewers) x 3 appearances on morning shows (FEATURED) (info)

      - Speaker at GDS (info)

      - Speaker at IndieCampus (info)

      - Panelist in esports discussion at medianet Berlin (info)

      - Devstreams for The Cycle (picture)

      - Devstreams for RollerCoaster Tycoon (info)


      - Esports host and caster for network SMITE CENTRAL x3 times per week  (info) (video)

      - Esports host and caster (and producer) for ESL's weekly tournaments (info) (video)


      - Twitch streaming (Twitch affiliate) (info)



      - Starred in Naavik's business roundtable #74 in 2022 (FEATURED) (video)
      - Starred in Medianet Berlin's podcast (listen here)

      - Starred weekly in TV show MetroTeknik for its pilot and first season (info)


      - Produced and starred in personal YouTube show 'Diamond Duos' (info) (teaser video)

      - Guest in podcast 'Out of Play Area' by John R Diaz (info) (video)

      - Guest in popular Swedish Gaming Podcast 'Overkligt' (listen here on 'download' link)