Marie has been onstage and on camera in various forms her whole life and developed a strong proficiency for entertaining a live audience. Check out the Speaker & Host page to see samples of her work.

Shes now offer her skills through stage hosting, speaking and esports casting. Read more under each topic below. 

Get in touch if you have an interesting opportunity, whether it's a small or big event, internal or public, esports, gamedev or otherwise. 


Marie's started her hosting experience at DreamHack in 2003 and has since hosted esports tournaments, game conferences and even a gala - the Nordic Game Awards show. She's also hosted a long series of internal events and workshops, as well as countless online esports tournaments.

Marie has a inherent ability to get in tune with and captivate an audience with her casual charm and energy. She is comfortable and confident onstage and has developed a proficiency of keeping her cool and improvising when there are unforseen issues. 

Find a couple of references on her Speaker & Host page


Marie has been speaker and panelist at a sheer number of renowned game conferences, such as Nordic Game, Montréal International Game Summit (MIGS) and IndieCampus. She's also spoken at Esports Insider (ESI) and for Twitch. Her topics include esports at large and various subjects in game development, such as game design, career, teamwork, processes and AI. She also speaks on the topic of Diversity & Inclusion, and used to be spokesperson for the subject at Jagex.

Feel free to check out her catalogue or the News page to learn more about her previous talks. She also authors new talks on demand - get in touch and let her know your needs.


Marie has several years of experience casting esports tournaments, namely in SMITE and Counter-Strike. She's casted both online tournaments and in-person event such as Dreamhack and Meltdown esport bars. She's developed a proficiency for play-by-play and can commentate almost anything. She's also been an analyst, using her domain knowledge to guide the viewer though tactical details and strategies. 

Marie prefers to be part of a casting duo for the best viewer experience but can also do solo casting.

Most of Marie's casting has been archived by Twitch, but a few samples can be found here and here.


Here are a few reviews from former clients:


I had the pleasure to work together with Marie during two conferences. She especially supported the attending Indie game developers and students by sharing her expertise, insighs and skills.

I experienced her as professional and competent, representing women in Game Development. I am looking forward to work together with her in the future again.

Michaela Polach

GDS & Indie Campus


Marie was a wonderful host during Playcon’s 2022 GameDev & Esports Summit. She brings with her years of experience and it shows in the insights given during the show.

We’re very happy to have had Marie for this role, she did her research well and made sure to gather as much information as possible about our speakers which showed when she introduced them on stage.

Marie also acted as moderator on a number of panels and leveraged her industry expertise skillfully to ask relevant questions and ensure the discussions were insightful.

Kersten Chircop

PlayCon Malta 2022


Marie was hosting at Nordic Game Conference and Nordic Game Awards gala 2022, and did a fantastic job with both. She was very easy to work with and her communication and preparation for the event was excellent.

Once live, Marie captivated the audience with her humor and charisma and showed great improvisation skills and ‘cool’. No matter what situation was being thrown at her – technical delays, speakers arriving late or award mix-ups, she handled them like a pro and made sure to always keep the crowd entertained. We are looking forward to work with Marie again at future events.

Jacob Riis

Nordic Game