Having worked with video games in different way, shape and form her whole life, Marie has had the opportunity to both host, star, commentate and speak on countless occasions, both onstage and on camera. She now works half-time (aside her advisory) as a professional host and frequently stars as guest and expert. 

As a host in 2022, she so far:

- Hosted the mainstage of game- and esports conferences x3

- Hosted awards show x1

- Moderated panels x8

- Led fireside chats x2

As a speaker in 2022, she so far:

- Starred as panelist x2
- Starred as podcast guest x3

- Starred as livestream guest x1

- Hosted workshop x1

- Spoke at game conferences x4

- Conducted talks for schools and gaming companies x3

A summary of her experiences are listed below. You can find more details about them by clicking their respective link. For interest in having Marie speak or host at your event, get in touch by emailing contact@mejerwall.com or use this contact form.



    - Host at LiU Game Conference 2022
    - Moderator at Dubai Esports Festival 2022 
    - Host at PlayCon Malta 2022

    - Speaker at DevPlay 2022

    - Speaker at MEGAMIGS 2022 (info)

    - Speaker at Game Dev Coaching Day for NRW.Skilltree (info)

    - Panelist at gamesweekberlin 2022 (info)

    - Host for fireside chat at DevCom 2022 (info&video)

    - Speaker at DevCom 2022 (info&video)

    - Panelist at ESI Breakfast Club during GamesCom 2022

    - Host for main stage and livestream at Nordic Game 2022 (sample video)

    - Host for Nordic Game Awards 2022 gala (info&video)

    - Speaker at Nordic Game Conference 2022 (info&video)

    - Panelist at ESI London 2021 (FEATURED) (info)(video)

    - Speaker at East Game Sweden, Linköping 2019
    - Panelist at RuneFest, UK, 2018 (info)(video)

    - Panelist at MIGS, Montreal International Game Summit 2017
    - Speaker for KTH University, Stockholm
    - Speaker for Female Legends in their mentorship program

    - Host for onstage competitions at multiple Dreamhack (7000+ people in audience) (info
    - Producer, hostess and caster for esports tournaments at Meltdown Montreal (info

    - Workshop host for college students visiting Jagex



    - Interviewed on DevCom 2022 livestream (link)

    - Swedish national TV (1m viewers) x 3 appearances on morning shows (FEATURED) (info)

    - Speaker at GDS (info)

    - Speaker at IndieCampus (info)

    - Panelist in esports discussion at medianet Berlin (FEATURED) (info)

    - Devstreams for The Cycle (picture)

    - Devstreams for RollerCoaster Tycoon (info)


    - Esports host and caster for network 'SMITE CENTRAL' x3 times per week  (info) (video)

    - Esports host and caster (and producer) for ESL's weekly tournaments (info) (video)


    - Twitch streaming (Twitch affiliate) (info)



    - Starred in Naavik's business roundtable #74 in 2022
    - Starred in Medianet Berlin's podcast (listen here)

    - Starred weekly in TV show 'MetroTeknik' for its pilot and first season (FEATURED) (info)


    - Produced and starred in personal YouTube show 'Diamond Duos' (info) (teaser video)

    - Guest in podcast 'Out of Play Area' by John R Diaz (info) (video)

    - Guest in popular Swedish Gaming Podcast 'Overkligt' (listen here on 'download' link)