This analysis is aimed at ensuring your game has all it takes and is well set up to become an esports. This deconstruction differs from the norm – it puts more emphasis on features and factors outside of the core gameplay. It looks at the ecosystem surrounding your game, and your game’s readiness to serve a competitive community. With Marie’s wide experience having had many roles in esports, she looks at your game through the lenses of different community actors. She ensures their have all they need to dive into your game, improve their skill, stream, produce content, organize tournaments and grow the game’s scene.


As a game developer, Marie has been Lead Game Designer and Game Director on two esports games.

Within other esports, Marie has done work for, with or at:

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This analysis aims to:

Help your game become an esports

Help you foster your community & culture

Enable players to practice efficiently

Increase watchability

Enable creators to be ambassadors


Below are a subset of what Marie will analyze and suggest recommended actions for to ensure your game is ready to become an esports:

  • Conversion mechanics for viewers to become players​
  • Amateur scene structure​
  • Resources for community to self-organize
  • Ranking systems
  • Reporting of player behavior
  • Chat moderation tools
  • Watchability, hype and excitement
  • Accessibility for viewers to follow
  • Ability to create and play replays and highlights
  • Technical needs for tournament operators to stream the game
  • Rules for updates & meta changes
  • Content creator program
  • HUD layout tools needed for streamers
  • Warmup capabilities before match
  • Ability to join & cast matches
  • Scrim capability & requirements
  • Communication tools
  • Tournament rules
  • Opportunity for sponsors to be seen
  • League and tournament structure
  • VOD review tools
  • Ability to conceal tactics
  • Gameplay stats for analysts
  • Restart functionality
  • Live observation tools


"Great esports mind"

"Marie has a great mind for the needs of a competitive game.

"She is able to carefully evaluate ideas and extract the parts that make sense for the bigger picture. Furthermore she takes the time and helps to develop the competitive community of the game and often goes more than one extra mile to bring tournaments to the next level."
Florian Rohde
Florian Rohde

"Understands the players"

"Nowadays, in our crowded and competitive market, it is essential to understand the motivation of our players in order to serve them best. Marie is perfect for that task, by switching into the perspective of the clients in order to identify room for improvements and to question ourselves about the offered quality. This skill is very valuable as it also includes a more unbiased mindset and the attitude of remaining hungry for improvements."
Henning Schmid
Henning Schmid
Klang Games

"Highlighted ways to greatly improve the game"

"Marie helped out during the development of KreatureKind, offering her insights into the potential of the game in general and the progression design in particular. After a meeting in which we discussed the fundamentals of the game, Marie played through the current build and offered a detailed evaluation of the game’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvements.

The input from Marie has been very helpful, and has highlighted ways to greatly improve the game when continuing the development. Her feedback has been concrete and clear, and overall easy to act upon. I highly recommend Marie to anyone looking to improve the design of their game!"
Anna Högberg Jenelius
Anna Högberg Jenelius
Valiant Game Studios


Esports readiness analysis of a game

This service includes:

  • Video briefing discussing your game
  • Thorough playtest (build access required)
  • 2 playtest sessions with/versus others
  • Thorough analysis of how your game meet the needs of all parties in esports - players, streamers, coaches, viewers, tournament organizers etc.
  • 10-15 page analysis with findings & possible improvements
  • Conclusions on biggest need & suggested priority list
  • Presented in a video call
  • Optional group discussion afterwards

(excl VAT)