Are you looking to BOTH boost your team and sharpen your vision?

Having worked at many renowned AAA studios, Marie has a developed a deep understanding of game design. She applies this in two ways:

– Advisory – Through applying her own expertise on your game.

Classes – Through passing on her knowledge in workshops.

bootcamp is a combined service where Marie analyzes your game to identify improvement needs and suggestions, and then educates your team and works with them to improve your game vision and design together.

There are
several variants of bootcamps available, pending your needs. Find them below. These are templates, and sessions can be swapped as the week evolves and needs are identified. All of Marie’s workshops and coaching sessions will also be available as per your request. 

Get in touch
below to let her know about your situation and needs, and she will be able to suggest a list of relevant sessions and start outlining a preliminary, tailored program. She also creates new sessions on demand.


Marie’s bootcamps are centered around one or more topics below:











Below are the Bootcamps Marie has arranged thus far – click ‘More info’ to check each out. 


Game Vision Bootcamp

Aligns the team around a sharpened game vision with a rich, synergistic feature set that binds the gameplay together into a cohesive game soul

More info

Esports Bootcamp

For multiplayer games that want to sharpen their mechanics, tactics,  depth, teamplay and retention, and start readying it for becoming an esports 

More info

Design Jam

Workshop aimed at finding and iterating on new game ideas – like a Game Jam, but on ’paper’. At the end, the team will have solid game pitches ready for your approval

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Marie does offer more Bootcamps than listed, and would be happy to tailor one around any of her specialties mentioned above. Get in touch to explain your needs, and Marie will suggest a suitable program.


"Top industry knowledge"

"Marie's taught some top industry knowledge in her Masterclass. I feel inspired and ready to craft some kick-ass boss fights."
Artyom Volkov

"Learned a ton"

"Marie's Masterclass in boss fight design was great - I learned a ton and am already putting it to use in my game. Thanks Marie!"
Corbin Reeves
Azure Ravens studio

"Great experience"

"It was a great experience having Marie over for a game design bootcamp. She took the team through several creative exercises that challenged the status quo of our game vision and triggered interesting thoughts. She showed great flexibility by jumping into any topic we needed and even did several of her talks at our request. We really appreciated and respected how she could help us on so many fronts.

The biggest help for us was definitely her extensive AI knowledge, where she shared her best practices from past AAA games she worked on. She went into several advanced topics. It was especially great to hear her thought process when creating the behaviors of enemies, and how she user tier lists when designing enemies. Her hands-on combat experience was very valuable to us, and we learned a lot from her.

After a week of bootcamp, our team is now well set to tackle our coming milestones, but her expertise could really be helpful again in the future. “
Game team

"Professional and competent"

"I had the pleasure to work together with Marie during two conferences. She especially supported the attending Indie game developers and students by sharing her expertise, insighs and skills.

I experienced her as professional and competent, representing women in Game Development. I am looking forward to work together with her in the future again."
Michaela Polach
GDS Game Conference

"Creativity was booming"

"We got Marie over for her two-day workshop in game design, where the participants got to come up with game ideas, refine them and present them at different stages. They learnt a great deal, both about how to properly design games, but also about teamwork and how to align on ideas. Creativity was booming, at the same time as they had a clear guiding structure on how to keep refining and expand on their concepts. Her curriculum was set up in a great way to allow for step-by-step learning.

We found Marie easy to work with. She was responsive, flexible and tailored her program and content to our wishes. She also took the time to walk around and help everyone in their thinking, making sure no one was stuck, and even went above and beyond by spending some time playing and giving feedback on a game in development. All in all, we loved working with her and definitely want to bring her in again!"
Joselito Sanchez
Norway University of Applied Science