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Do you want to learn how to make kick-ass Boss Fights?

Join Marie Mejerwall in her Masterclass in Boss Fight Design to learn the process, tools and best practices to design top-tier boss fights.

Marie has long experience from working on boss fights on acclaimed AAA franchises Batman Arkham, Dead Rising and RuneScape. She now shares her knowledge with the wider industry to in a series of live sessions where she guides you through her process to make elaborate boss fights.

Her Masterclass consists of 10x hour long lectures, each equipped with exercises, templates, and additional resources. Marie runs her Masterclass both online, on-demand and at certain conferences.

If you are interested in joining her next Masterclass, sign up below to get an email notification on her next run or keep a lookout on her Eventbrite page below. If you are interested in having her perform her Masterclass exclusively at your studio or event, contact Marie here:



The design process

Course overview


Design considerations

The Arena

Event page & additional resources

Q & A

Introducing the Flow Board

Deconstruction of famous boss fights

Fight phases

Factors to consider

Cinematic content

Composing your fight flow

Fight intensity curves

Q & A

Common archetypes


Set piece bosses

Picking your archetype

Getting started with your own boss

Q & A

Introduction to challenges


Mechanical challenges

Tactical challenges

Compounded challenges

Composing your challenges layers

Q & A

What is  primary action?

Design approach

Offensive actions

Auxiliary actions

Movement actions

Boss kit – typical number of abilities

Q & A

Challenging player abilities

Actions versus ranged players

Actions versus high player movement

Actions versus tanky players

Actions versus multiple players

Challenging player resources

Special actions

Plot twists

Q & A

Positive traits

Negative traits – weaknesses

Resources & arena interactions



Weapons & throwables

Q & A

Behaviour basics

Design values – Integrity versus responsiveness

States and transitions

Behaviour tree implementation

Reaction system

Target selection

Combat Director

Attack allowance

Aggression & state changes

Leashing and tethering

Q & A

Plot an optimal player strategy

Prevention overview

Stability & Hit reactions

Stun bar


Uninterruptable maneuvers

Animation frames


Getting out of sticky situations



Protective maneuvers



Defense toolbox

Q & A

Balancing single-player games

Balancing multiplayer games

Balancing toolbox


Smart tutorials & clues

Number tweaking

Script modification

Behaviour change

Dynamic difficulty scaling

Q & A


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    "Top industry knowledge"

    "Marie's taught some top industry knowledge in her Masterclass. I feel inspired and ready to craft some kick-ass boss fights."
    Artyom Volkov

    "Learned a ton"

    "Marie's Masterclass in boss fight design was great - I learned a ton and am already putting it to use in my game. Thanks Marie!"
    Corbin Reeves
    Azure Ravens studio

    "Incredibly insightful"

    "Last year, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Marie Mejerwall's Masterclass in Boss Fight Design. Over the course of seven weeks, Marie shared some incredibly insightful boss design knowledge and practices that she attained in her 15+ years of industry experience. Especially her direct and individualized feedback during the course helped me a lot to refine my design skills!

    Keep an eye [...] if you want to join her next masterclass, I most definitely recommend it!"
    Tristan Hantschel
    Good Evil GmbH