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Having been in the games and esports industries for a long time in several roles, Marie has vast experience and a solid understanding for most topics within it, along with her own expertise in a few areas. Combined with long experience with hosting (her first event in 2007), Marie has a great ability to both craft interesting questions and moderate a live panel. Marie explores a topic with your experts, with ample preparation to ensure the panel gives great insights, shows the panelists’ expertise and gives them all a moment to shine. Contact Marie below to book her for a panel or keep browsing to learn her process.


Marie has hosted more than 15 panels over the years and have developed an intricate process to maximize the experience for both the panelists and the audience:

30 days until event

Collaborative board created

Marie sets up and shares a Miro board as a collaborative space to prepare the panel. Participants are asked to fill in their profile including their title, pronouns and notable track record.

24 days until event

Initial thoughts shared

As a spring board for brainstorming, Marie starts writing some of her thoughts based on the panel description, and encourage others to do the same

24 days until event

Request for meeting availability

Marie makes and sends out a doodle poll for when panelists can meet and bounce their thoughts and expertise in a ideation session

17 days until event

Meeting invite sent out

The doodle poll is locked and Marie sends out a meeting invite to whenever as many as possible can join. Those who cannot are still welcome to add their thoughts on the board.

Two weeks before event

Brainstorming meeting takes place

Marie takes the panelists through a collaborative exercise where they get to share and discuss their thoughts. Marie takes notes and starts to visually sort them into a heat map. The panel uses this map to align on sub topics.

1 week before event

Initial questions shared

Marie takes her notes and discussion takeaways and makes an initial draft of the panel structure, sub topics and questions, and shares with the panel for feedback and iteration

3 days before event

Questions are finalized

Marie locks the questions and shares the final draft with participants

The day before event

Final preparation

Marie prints the questions on her speaker cards, marking which ones are fillers (and might be skipped pending time left) and who to direct which question to.

Event day


The actual event takes place where Marie presents the topic, herself and participants before heading into all topics and questions. She rounds off the session with a Q & A where she has her own backup questions case the audience is silent.


Entertain the audience

Marie asks fun questions, reacts for audience laughs and ensures interesting topics get more attention

Let each panelist shine

Marie introduces each panelist properly and ensures to ask questions they are experts of

Bring out insightful answers

Marie ensures all sub-topics are covered and mentions interesting answers panelists said at earlier discussions

Ensure panelists feel comfortable

Marie asks panelists beforehand for their pronouns and any topics they will want to avoid answering during the Q & A


"Kept it organic"

I really enjoyed participating in a panel led by Marie at Gamesforum Barcelona. The preparations she made together with us panelists were awesome, and I felt prepared and comfortable going into the session. During the panel, Marie also led the discussion very well, keeping it organic. I would definitely love to be in Marie's sessions again in the future!
Otto Simola
Participant at Gamesforum

"Amazing experience"

"I had an amazing experience being on a panel led by Marie at Gamesforum Barcelona. I felt very prepared thanks to the meeting Marie arranged before our session. I especially appreciated getting her questions in a good time before the panel, allowing me to think ahead and form good answers for each one. I felt safe and confident thanks to Marie, and it was the best panel I ever participated in!"
Cecilia Luna
Participant at Gamesforum

"Wonderful host"

Marie was a wonderful host during Playcon’s 2022 GameDev & Esports Summit. She brings with her years of experience and it shows in the insights given during the show.

We’re very happy to have had Marie for this role, she did her research well and made sure to gather as much information as possible about our speakers which showed when she introduced them on stage.

Marie also acted as moderator on a number of panels and leveraged her industry expertise skillfully to ask relevant questions and ensure the discussions were insightful.
Kersten Chircop
Director, Playcon


Marie was hosting at Nordic Game Conference and Nordic Game Awards gala 2022, and did a fantastic job with both. She was very easy to work with and her communication and preparation for the event was excellent.

Once live, Marie captivated the audience with her humor and charisma and showed great improvisation skills and ‘cool’. No matter what situation was being thrown at her – technical delays, speakers arriving late or award mix-ups, she handled them like a pro and made sure to always keep the crowd entertained. We are looking forward to work with Marie again at future events.
Jacob Riis
Program Director, Nordic Game Conference

"A complete professional"

Working with Marie was a pleasure! A complete professional.

Marie moderated two panels at Gamesforum Barcelona, on cross-platform gaming and fostering game economies. Marie was well researched and prepared for both topics and worked closely with our panellists to ensure they were comfortable. Setting up calls and sending out questions well ahead of time so panellists could prepare.

When on stage Marie seemlessly engaged the audience and brought them into the discussion. The panel felt organic and was enjoyable to watch!

I look forward to working with Marie again on future Gamesforum events! Her questions cards were awesomely designed too!
Josh Vowles
Head of Content, Gamesforum

"Great job in all aspects"

For LiU Game Conference 2022, we were looking for a experienced and internationally recognized host and brought in Marie. Seeing her immediately reach out to all speakers to prepare for their sessions, we could quickly tell that our stage would be in good hands, and it gave our whole team a sense of calm and confidence.

At the conference itself, Marie showed her versatility and did a great job in all aspects - from leading a fireside chat, to moderating a panel with senior members, to leading Q&A for each session and of course the hosting itself. We received a lot of good feedback and were very happy with the result.

Our goal to grow our conference was achieved and we reached a new high as a conference organizer, much thanks to Marie.
Tomas Ahlström
Program Director, LiU Game Conference


Moderating a panel

This service includes:

  • Collaborative board
  • Preparation meeting
  • Tailored questions to participant expertise
  • Questions given out in advance
  • Ability to feedback on questions
  • Own speaker cards
  • Proper intro for each panelist
  • 4-5 subtopics handled
  • Q & A at the end
  • Backup questions case none are asked

(excl VAT & travel)