Are you looking for a professional assessment of your game?

A Game Review is where Marie channels both her expertise within game design and her past as a Game Reviewer to evaluate your game. Marie plays it for a couple of hours and summarizes her overall impressions in a simulated game review. Normally you get the result within a few days. Reviews give honest feedback on where the game shines, where it lacks and how it compares to its competitors. Unlike a Deconstruction, there is no long briefing beforehand, nor reading of any design documents – WYSIWYG.


What it is

Fast and shallow analysis of your game based solely on playthroughs


An expert opinion from a renowned analyst


A written review from a former game reviewer

What it isn't

A look at design documents or decks


Advice how to move forward and improve the game – choose a Deconstruction for that


Assessment of team competence


Quickly evaluate an alpha or vertical slice

Do a trial run how it would be to release your game in its current state

Assess the game's readiness to determine a shipping date

Decide on focus areas for the last months before launch

Get external input on the current build's viability for Go-No Go decisions


Marie’s will present her written review including these conclusions:

What the game does well and what needs improvement

How cohesive the features are and how it all comes together

Comparison how it stacks up in its genre

How the game is likely to perform in its current trajectory

Highlight areas worth improving the most before launch


Game Review:

Content Warning

  • Press button below to read a sample of a Full Game Review Marie wrote about the 2024 indie hit game 'Content Warning'


"Understands the players"

"Nowadays, in our crowded and competitive market, it is essential to understand the motivation of our players in order to serve them best. Marie is perfect for that task, by switching into the perspective of the clients in order to identify room for improvements and to question ourselves about the offered quality. This skill is very valuable as it also includes a more unbiased mindset and the attitude of remaining hungry for improvements."
Henning Schmid
Henning Schmid
Klang Games

"Leaves nothing to chance"

"Marie has a been coaching one of our teams in early stage of development and she and her model is very thorough, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to work out a vision for their upcoming title."
Per Holmén, Sweden Game Arena
Per Holmén
Sweden Game Startup

"Brought new perspectives"

"Marie helped us to understand our game World of Pirates better, to analyze our competition, and to identify key features for our next development steps. She researched thoroughly in a short time and her game analysis brought to light new perspectives for our game. We are looking forward to our future collaborations!"
Edwin Tuzar
Edwin Tuzar
Zartu Games

"Highlighted ways to greatly improve the game"

"Marie helped out during the development of KreatureKind, offering her insights into the potential of the game in general and the progression design in particular. After a meeting in which we discussed the fundamentals of the game, Marie played through the current build and offered a detailed evaluation of the game’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvements.

The input from Marie has been very helpful, and has highlighted ways to greatly improve the game when continuing the development. Her feedback has been concrete and clear, and overall easy to act upon. I highly recommend Marie to anyone looking to improve the design of their game!"
Anna Högberg Jenelius
Anna Högberg Jenelius
Valiant Game Studios


First Look

This service includes:

  • First impressions of games in early stages
  • 1-2h long playthrough of your game
  • Feedback on the direction the game is headed in
  • Highlight promising features
  • Highlight of areas in need of improvement
  • Thoughts summarized in a game review format
  • 2-3 page review
  • Ignores bugs and obvious WIP content
  • Can sign NDA as needed

(excl VAT)

Full Game Review

This service includes:

  • For games that are near completion
  • 4h long playthrough of your game
  • Comparison with competitors
  • Highlight the game's USPs
  • Point out of features below gamer expectation
  • Predictions if gamers will approve of the game
  • All summarized in a classic full game review format
  • 5+ page review
  • Judges everything in the game except items flagged by you beforehand
  • Can sign NDA as needed

(excl VAT)