Do you want your game to reach its fullest potential?

Marie’s Deconstructions are aimed at sharpening your game’s vision and improving its chances of success. Marie analyzes the game’s design in full, projects how it will all come together once released, highlight it’s shortcomings, compare it with competitors, see everything it could be and plots her recommended paths forward. She then presents her conclusions in a report where she predicts how the game would perform if released today and highlights changes or additions that would greatly increase its appealRead on below to hear more about Marie’s Deconstructions below. Additional variants of her analysis exists for multiplayer games and especially those with esports ambitions.


What it is

Strengthening your game on it’s creative path


A deep-dive into the design of your game by an expert analyst and designer


Analyzing each game areas in full and seeing what fits well, what doesn’t and what’s missing


Suggestions that make your game excel even further

What it isn't

Changing your game’s creative goals


Turning the game into what it’s not


Telling you to stop innovate and just copy others


An indication if or not development should continue – that’s what Reviews are for


Get an edge on competitors

Stay ahead of relevant trends

Widen and deepen your game's appeal

Set up the game for success once released

Increase the game's retention

Ensure your game reaches its fullest potential


After analysis, Marie’s will present her report including these conclusions:

How the game is likely to perform in its current trajectory

Present opportunities that could give it edge on its competitors

Suggestions on how it can serve its target audience even better

Detail improvements that can enhance each feature to reach its fullest potential

Highlight top focus areas most worth putting effort into improving

Recommend action plan considering goals, resources and timeline


Below are the Deconstruction variants that Marie offers – click ‘Read More’ for further details.


Vision & Gameplay

For all games - strengthens the game's identity, improves the gameplay in various aspects and promotes increased retention.

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For multiplayer games that want to tighten their mechanics, tactics,  depth, teamplay and retention.

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Esports readiness

Ensures your game has all it takes and is well set up to foster a vibrant competitive community and become an esports.

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Price is within range depending on how encompassing the game is.