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A visit to Team Liquid

This past week, Marie was working from Team Liquids European office – Alienware Training Facility in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Team Liquid is one of today’s oldest running esports organisations, with more than a hundred employees and countless esports teams in different games. This is very apparent when looking at their literal wall of prizes, from winning tournaments in multiple game titles the last 20 years.

One of the most apparent testaments to this, and to their success, is the literal gold brick awarded to their CS:GO team for winning four consecutive major titles – a so-called ‘Intel Grand Slam’, and to date, the only one ever succeeded.

It’s not hard to understand why the org has been so successful – the facilities are top-tier and a well-oiled machinery to accommodate bootcamping players, with everything from apartments, scrim rooms, high-end gaming setups and even a chef.

It’s a very inspiring environment to be in, worthy of champions, and no doubt, one of Marie’s favourite field trips thus far.