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Category: Life

Stuff in my life not necessarily connected to work

Marie arriving at Grenoble station for her temporary relocation
8 Jul, 2024

New city, new life

Last Monday Marie finally moved to France - a life-long dream come true for her.

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25 Jun, 2024

Marie’s next adventure

This year marks 16 years since Marie started her very first adventure and spent a

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Marie standing looking out over Lisbon
18 Jun, 2024

The western wind calls

Today, Marie revealed her plans to relocate at the beginning of July, bringing her consultancy

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Photo of Marie Mejerwall in a suit with a tall modern building and a grey sky behind her
10 Jun, 2024

Anniversary as Digital Nomad!

Last week marked Marie's 1-year anniversary as a digital nomad! She celebrates this milestone with

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Cover image for Marie interviewed by Dannis Sandén in esportpodden
6 May, 2024

New podcast is out

Last week, Marie sat down with podcast host Dennis Sandén of Esportpodden to talk about

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Portrait photo of Marie Mejerwall
27 Feb, 2024

My growth strategy as entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, how do you optimize your spend, to increase your growth, but also

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25 Feb, 2024

A visit to Team Liquid

This past week, Marie was working from Team Liquids European office - Alienware Training Facility

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