Marie runs a boutique advisory where she uses her long experience in game development and especially game design to advise on games and help game dev teams. On the flipside, she also helps investors to evaluate game pitches and games at different key stages of their lifecycle. Her clients include game studios, publishers, VC, governments, incubators, accelerators and schools.

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Even if your direct need isn't listed here, Marie is happy to support with her expertise - just get in touch ( and let her know your situation.


Are you looking to sharpen your game vision or to boost your team?

Look no further - Marie Mejerwall is a long-time veteran of game design. She has led creative teams at more than six game studios around the world and has worked on several famous award-winning franchises, such as Dead Rising, Deus Ex, RollerCoaster Tycoon and the Batman Arkham series. She started out in programming, transitioned to game design, rose to become a Lead and eventually Game Director over her own game, both building a team, designing the creative vision and establishing creative processes.

Marie now shares her development and design expertise with clients such as studios, incubators and schools.

Her services are listed below. Even if your direct need isn't listed here, Marie is happy to support. Get in touch by emailing

Marie's former experiences include:


Game Analysis

Do you want expert evaluation and recommendations for your game?

Marie offers simulated Reviews and First Looks that tell you her overall impressions of your game and where to put more focus.

She also offers deconstructions where she breaks down all aspects of your game design, analyzes them in part, compares them to competitors and details improvements to help you game reach its fullest potential.

Vision Coaching Sessions

Do you have a good game idea, but it could use some refinement?

Marie coaches you to sharpen your game vision together across a series of sessions, based on your needs. No matter what you want to improve - your game pitch, your deck, your USP:s or simply attract a wider target audience, Marie will be able to provide solid design advice, and has a bunch of exercises ready to help you refine your vision even further.

Ideation Sessions

Are you entering a new phase and want a new influx of ideas from your team?

No matter if you are looking for ideas for your next game, or want more ideas for your current one, Marie offers several types of ideation sessions where she guides your team through creative exercises that are both fun and inspiring - and ensures the outcome matches your creative boundaries.


Director/Lead Coaching

Do you have a director or lead who could use a peer to bounce thoughts with?

Marie is an experienced Game Director and  can support them whatever their needs are - to bounce design thoughts, to get input on how to address the team, how to set up processes, help working on feedback or anything else that directors face every day.

Get in touch to tell Marie about your situation and get a feeling for how she can help.

Creative Process Refinement

Are you still figuring out the best way to go about things in your design team?

Marie has a long track record of leading teams and refining processes to up team motivation and get the most out of everyone. She takes your team through exercises and workshops to ensure they are both efficient, motivated, aligned and enabled to do their best design work.

Knowledge workshops

Are you looking to up the knowledge of your team?

Marie offers workshop days and single sessions both onsite and remote.

Topics include:

Game design

Creative processes





Are you looking for your next big game hit?

Having climbed the whole career to Game Director, Marie has a deep understanding for game development - from the most abstract vision document to the smallest detail. She also has a wide knowledge of game design theory and can deconstruct games into pieces whilst at the same time see the whole ‘design matrix’ that they form. This enables Marie to quickly visualize games, determine how well its features work together, how it would be to play and how well it serves its target audience. Thanks to her tech background, she can also pinpoint the complexity and challenges of new game projects, and highlight potential risks.

Marie now uses her expertise to do due diligence and help you ask the right questions, fund the right projects, and ensure that your current projects maximize their potential. Her clients include publishers, Venture Capital funds, governments, incubators and accelerators. 

Even if your direct need isn't listed here, Marie is happy to support with her expertise - just email to tell her about your situation, and she will advise on how she can help.


New Prospects

Marie analyzes new game prospects by reading their vision decks and playing or watching its latest build.

She then constructs the game in game vision matrix to determine how well the features work together, how the game would fare in the market, what development time it needs and how challenging (risky) it will be to pull off.

Existing Games

Marie examines games in-depth, both by playing them, looking at their game vision and reading their design docs.

She then models the game’s offering versus that of its competitors and the expectations of its target audience to determine what chances the game has be successful - and recommends steps that improve its odds.


Are you looking for an inspirational and educational speaker for your class?

Having worked at many renowned studios, such as Capcom, Ubisoft, Eidos and Warner Bros, Marie has a developed a deep understanding of game design, and has added many pages to her own Designer’s Handbook. Whilst working at studios, Marie used to speak and hold internal workshops often, and many practices and models she developed are still being used today. Being a consultant, she now shares her knowledge with the wider industry, both as internal workshops and public talks at conferences. 

Marie holds both single sessions as well as whole workshop days. Marie is currently based in Europe but does both remote sessions and on-location visits around the world.

Get in touch on to let her know about your situation and needs, and she will be able to suggest relevant sessions. She also creates new sessions on demand.






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Knowledge workshops

Marie's lectures are based on her experiences and long career at game studios. They have all either been held internally at game studios or given as talks at conferences. Some of them are in the form of presentations that Marie gives while others are interactive exercises.

Most of Marie's lectures are aimed to widen knowledge, add tools in your student's designer toolboxes and practice presenting ideas.

Get in touch to have Marie suggest sessions or check out her catalogue on the link below.



Nowadays, in our crowded and competitive market, it is essential to understand the motivation of our players in order to serve them best. Marie is perfect for that task, by switching into the perspective of the clients in order to identify room for improvements and to question ourselves about the offered quality. This skill is very valuable as it also includes a more unbiased mindset and the attitude of remaining hungry for improvements.

Henning Schmid

Klang Games


"Marie has a great mind for the needs of a competitive game.

"She is able to carefully evaluate ideas and extract the parts that make sense for the bigger picture. Furthermore she takes the time and helps to develop the competitive community of the game and often goes more than one extra mile to bring tournaments to the next level."

Florian Rohde



"Marie helped out during the development of KreatureKind, offering her insights into the potential of the game in general and the progression design in particular. After a meeting in which we discussed the fundamentals of the game, Marie played through the current build and offered a detailed evaluation of the game’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvements.

The input from Marie has been very helpful, and has highlighted ways to greatly improve the game when continuing the development. Her feedback has been concrete and clear, and overall easy to act upon. I highly recommend Marie to anyone looking to improve the design of their game!"

Anna Högberg Jenelius

CEO Valiant Game Studios


"Marie has a been coaching one of our teams in early stage of development and she and her model is very thorough, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to work out a vision for their upcoming title."

Per Holmén

Sweden Game Startup


"Marie helped us to understand our game World of Pirates better, to analyze our competition, and to identify key features for our next development steps. She researched thoroughly in a short time and her game analysis brought to light new perspectives for our game. We are looking forward to our future collaborations!"



Edwin Tuzar

Zartu Games


"We got Marie over for her two-day workshop in game design, where the participants got to come up with game ideas, refine them and present them at different stages. They learnt a great deal, both about how to properly design games, but also about teamwork and how to align on ideas. Creativity was booming, at the same time as they had a clear guiding structure on how to keep refining and expand on their concepts. Her curriculum was set up in a great way to allow for step-by-step learning. 

We found Marie easy to work with. She was responsive, flexible and tailored her program and content to our wishes. She also took the time to walk around and help everyone in their thinking, making sure no one was stuck, and even went above and beyond by spending some time playing and giving feedback on a game in development. All in all, we loved working with her and definitely want to bring her in again!"



Joselito Sanchez

Norway University of Applied Science