Do you want an expert analysis of your game's design?

In Marie’s Game Analysis, she applies all her knowledge and expertise from 15+ years in the industry into your game. Marie offers two types depending on your needs: Reviews are fast and light. Marie plays your game through her past lenses of both a game designer and former reviewer, compares it to other games and concludes her overall impressions in a written review. It points out areas that shine and those in need of work, and predicts commercial viability, but does not offer any guidance on how to improve things. Deconstructions are in-depth analysis where Marie breaks down the game design completely and analyzes, compares and gives detailed recommendations tailored on how to take your game to the next level given your goals, target audience, resources and time left. Marie’s analysis takes 2-14 workdays and at the end, she presents her report in a video call before handing it over. She is then available for questions and discussion to help you set your next steps.