Are you considering selling or investing in a game project?

Video games is a fast-paced industry, where the playing field and consumer expectations keep being redrawn constantly. However, for those who are able to hit the market at a good time and with a novel product, the success makes it all worth it. The challenge is to make decisions today on games that will hit the market in several years. Marie has wide experience evaluating games, from working with government programs such as Canadian Media Fund, being on awards juries such as Nordic Game and helping several incubators. She can help you make crucial business decisions when your fund allocation is limited and the future of the consumer landscape is unknown. With her deep understanding for game design, she can deconstruct game concepts to their very core and map them to her proven models to determine which projects have the highest chances of making it. Using her long experience working on both indie and AAA projects, she can then estimate what time a team needs to deliver a successful product. Marie looks at both new game pitches and those who are already in development. Read on to learn more.



Pitch Evaluation

Marie analyzes new game prospects by reading their pitch decks and playing or watching its latest build.

She then constructs the game in game vision matrix to determine how well the features work together, how the game would fare in the market, what development time it needs and how challenging (risky) it will be to pull off.


Full Game Audit

Marie examines games in-depth, both by playing them, looking at their game vision and reading their design docs.

She then models the game’s offering versus that of its competitors and the expectations of its target audience to determine what the game's chances are to be successful - and what the team needs to take it there.