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New website underway

As the new year unfolds, I am spending lots of time on my branding strategy.

As a consultant, I had a pretty clear idea of who my clients would be, and what I would be doing: I would be working with game studios and supply advice.

I was naïve. I soon learn that, I can’t pick my clients – my clients pick me! And from that, a steady flow of cool proposals have flooded in and made it into my schedule.

In 2023, my activities were:
– Stage hosting
– Speaking at conferences
– Juror/auditor for government funding programs
– Jury for award shows
– Advising (and bootcamping!) for game studios
– Hosting on-site workshops at universities, studios and conferences
– Hosting my own online masterclass
– Designing gameplay
– Brand ambassador for esports gear
– Board member for esports org

When people ask me what I do, I pretty much ramble all those things, and my intros take well over a minute 🙂

But as much as I love doing all these activities, to understand and be able to market myself, I need a core messaging that encapsulates them all. And I think I’ve found one:

Games Consultant.

Perhaps the esports and stage hosting activities are a bit of a stretch from that, so I might add those on top, depending on the context.

But either way, I’m close to a final wording and also – building a brand-new website that encapsulates it!

Sneak preview below 👇

Stay tuned! 🤩