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Marie at Morocco Gaming Expo

Promotional graphics for Marie Mejerwall at Morocco Gaming Expo 2024

Marie will be heading to Morocco to be panel moderator for the inaugural edition of Morocco Gaming Expo, the world’s first large game conference. This event has been many years in the making and features an impressive speaker lineup, many side activities and even an esports tournament finals.

On this event, Marie says: “It’s always fascinating to see gamedev and esports spreading to underrepresented regions, and I’m excited to see Moroccos take on running a game event. I jumped on the opportunity to come here and look forward to both be part of it and see it unfold.”

She will moderate one panel on Friday, May 24th, titled ” Elevating Gameplay: Innovations and Challenges in Tomorrow’s Entertainment” with David Miles Uslan and Hicham Nouhou.

She will then lead two more panels on Saturday, May 25th 2024:
– Indie Game Development: Strategies for Success with Pietari Päivänen, Youngmok Park (YM) and Danny Woo
– The Art of Gaming – Visuals and Beyond with Daniel Dociu

The event takes place at hotel Sofitel Jardin Des Roses in Rabat, and will sadly not be livestreamed internationally.