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New city, new life

Marie arriving at Grenoble station for her temporary relocation

Last Monday Marie finally moved to France – a life-long dream come true for her. The move comes after a year of living in Portugal and setting it up as her business base, where her company is registered. As per EU law, an EU citizen will pay taxes in the country where it stays most of its time – and for Marie, that will remain Portugal, as she has filled her quota for 2024 and plans to come back when enough days remains of 2025.

This is what Marie writes about her relocation:

The last weeks have been very hectic. I was planning to relocate soon, but my landlord suddenly decided to renovate and gave me only 20 days to organize an international move.

Somehow, I got away with it. It wasn’t cheap. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t perfect. But I did it.

In this process, I’ve realized that being a #digital #nomad isn’t really saving that much money – due to travel costs, shipping costs (even for a few boxes), and higher rent costs for something short-term.  So, I’ve decided to go 1 year at a time instead of my original plan of 3 months at a time. Afterwards, I’ll always come back for another year in my base – Portugal.

Looking back at this past year, I’ve had a great time in Lisbon. I came at a good time. The city is vibrant, people are nice, there are lots of things to see and even a small, brewing gamedev community. Thanks to everyone who I’ve gotten to know over this last year. You’ve gone above and beyond to ensure I feel welcome, and I’m already looking forward to be back next year.

Right now, however, it’s time for a change of scenery. To get myself out there in the world, once more.

Here’s to another adventure!