Marie runs a boutique advisory where she uses her long experience in game development and especially game design to advise on games and game pitches. She also provides strategical business advice and does due diligence to analyze games at different key stages of their lifecycle and provide her recommendations. Her clients include game studios, publishers, VC, governments, incubators, accelerators and esports organisations. 

Even if your direct need isn't listed here, Marie is happy to support with her expertise. Get in touch by emailing or use this contact form.


Marie provides business advice to various actors in the games and esports ecosystem - investors, governments, service providers, software providers and esport organisations. Most notably, she does due diligence, and provides advice on corporate strategy. 

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Due Diligence

This service is for investors, publishers, governments, incubator programmes and others looking to fund game studios and/or projects.

Marie can help you make crucial business decisions when the stakes are high and the future is unknown. With her long experience working for some of the top studios, she can deconstruct game concepts to their very core and use proven models to determine which projects have the highest chance of making it.

Strategic advice

This is a catch-all category for all kinds of companies and organizations in the games and esports ecosystems who could use Marie's knowledge, experience and advice. Having worked in 5 countries, she also helps bizdev departments by using her vast network.

Examples include:

  • Strategic advice for esports orgs
  • Corporate branding and strategy for software providers who sell their products to game studios
  • Referral of new clients, partners and/or investment opportunities (brokering)


Marie offers two types of advisory services for games and game pitches: 

Game/Deck Analysis

In-depth deconstruction and analysis of both the vision, systems and mechanics of games, whether they are only on paper, if there is a build of it's even released. 

Marie will interview the team, check the design and play any available build. She will then deconstruct and model the game using her proven models and present back a full analysis of current viability, areas of improvement and recommendations.

Sharpening your vision

Do you have a good game idea, but it could use some refinement?

Marie helps studios with their game vision at all stages of development – whether it’s in a concept stage, in production or live.

Marie works with your team to together improve your game vision, by using her proven models and exercises to reach your creative goals.


Here are a few reviews from former clients and colleagues:


Nowadays, in our crowded and competitive market, it is essential to understand the motivation of our players in order to serve them best. Marie is perfect for that task, by switching into the perspective of the clients in order to identify room for improvements and to question ourselves about the offered quality. This skill is very valuable as it also includes a more unbiased mindset and the attitude of remaining hungry for improvements.

Henning Schmid

Klang Games


"Marie has a great mind for the needs of a competitive game.

“She is able to carefully evaluate ideas and extract the parts that make sense for the bigger picture. Furthermore she takes the time and helps to develop the competitive community of the game and often goes more than one extra mile to bring tournaments to the next level."

Florian Rohde



"Marie helped out during the development of KreatureKind, offering her insights into the potential of the game in general and the progression design in particular. After a meeting in which we discussed the fundamentals of the game, Marie played through the current build and offered a detailed evaluation of the game’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvements.

The input from Marie has been very helpful, and has highlighted ways to greatly improve the game when continuing the development. Her feedback has been concrete and clear, and overall easy to act upon. I highly recommend Marie to anyone looking to improve the design of their game!"

Anna Högberg Jenelius

CEO Valiant Game Studios