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The western wind calls

Marie standing looking out over Lisbon

Today, Marie revealed her plans to relocate at the beginning of July, bringing her consultancy to a new country:

As adigital nomad, my plan was never to stay in one country. To set it all up, however, and make Portugal my hub– the place where I’m registered and will keep coming back to – has taken me a year. The reason for that are EU laws – I must pay 💰 taxes in the country I spend the most time in, and I do want to enjoy those Portuguese tax breaks.

As of July, I will have ✔ filled that quota for both 2023 and 2024. Therefore, I can finally get on the move and start my excursions in other countries 🙂

It’s really nice to have complete ✊ powerover where I livr, This statement might sound strange to some of you, but working in thegames industry has meant I’ve always had to go wherever there was work. Amidst layoffs, studio closures et al, I’ve had to leave a whole life behind more than once (hello Vancouver, I miss you, our time together was too short). Now, as a consultant who travels and works remotely, I can live wherever my heart desires.

So, my plan for #2024 is to finally 🛫 move and live 49% of the year in the country I’ve always dreamt of living in, the country whose language I learnt in school, one whose culture I love.

I’m very excited for this. 😍 Stay tuned to learn more.

2024.07.01 Cannot come soon enough.