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Website finished!

Back in February, still in the wake of the new year, I decided to spend some downtime on remaking my website. As the industry was plagued by layoffs, it wasn’t the right timing to look for work, I felt like I wanted to evolve my business and among the doom and gloom, a creative project seemed like a good idea.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Three months (!) later and hundreds of hours, it’s finally finished – at least, as much as a website can ever be finished with their evolving nature. This place will be my ‘home’ the next few years – at least virtually – and here you will be able to follow my trail as I keep blazing my way forward. Normally, I like to credit the team and everyone around me who makes ‘Marie Mejerwall’ happen every day, but for this one, I’m going to proudly stretch and announce it myself, as I have done all the work, using online tools, photos taken of me and stock imagery.

From setting up the database to making all the graphics to designing and implementing the whole layout – and writing all the texts – this one is all me. It was a great challenge where I got to dust off some old programming skills – I made my very first homepage at the age of 10 in HTML – combined with my comparatively more recent sense for design. Well, actually, I was playing around in 3D studio max as well back then, but to a smaller extent 🙂

Do browse around! You can find the ‘story of me’ in my Biography in the About-section, or dive into my track record speaking at conferences , or learn my process of moderating panels, or why not sign up for my Masterclass in Boss Fight design? The website also lists all my services within game development and esports in the Advisory section.

When you’re finished, do drop me a line on the Contact page and let me know what you thought about the website – after all, it’s never finished, and I do love spending some time on my newest creative project 🙂